Manufacturing : TANABE STEEL CO.,LTD.


merge of high technology and experience

Our business policy is KEEPING GOOD QUALITY.
We comply with the diversification of surroundings and cost down, make come true customer's satisfaction by the experience and brand new technology.

? Design and development

We are designing cartridge tank for oil buring for more than 40years.
We can make Steel pressing parts, plastic parts and rubber parts by the long time experience.
We can make the products not only your instruction but we offer best solution to make low cost and good quality.
We are supplying or original hardware as TANNER brand, we make come true peaple's convinience life.

? Steel pressing

Our drawing products make your process to be shorter and come true your cost down. We make draw cartridge tank without oil to contribute the protection of the environmet.

? Sealing process

“Without any omssions”
We should be make oil tank without any omssions.
We have the know-how of the process and sealing material, inspection.

? Assemble and Inspection

“Do not fail”
We make automation system and inspection machine by our self.
Our inspection system make cross check by the man and machine and it should be make true keeping good quality and low price

? Procure from oversea

WAGO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is our subsidiary, TANABE cooperate with WAGO,
we instruct our technorogy to the foreign manufacture and import directly.
And more, we import the some parts from other country and assemble in Japan,
it should be make true keeping good quality and low price from the global way.

Company guidance


Address 13-28, 2-chome, Mitsuya-minami, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0035,Japan.
TEL 81-6-6301-1651
FAX 81-6-6301-1902
URL http : //
President Takeshi Tanabe
Capital US$100,000.00
Foundation 1883
Turn over US$8,000,000.00
Building Site 3,300? Total floor spac 3,300?
Employee 35persons plus contract employee 20-40 persons
Bank Mizuho Bank Nishinoda Banch.
Ikeda Bank Shonai Branch.
Jyuso Shinyo Kinko Head Office.
Business Cartridge tank for oil buring, hardware, DIY products


Press machine 150 TON 1unit Straight side press
80 TON 11units 3 continuance machine 6 continuance machine
60 TON 2 units Power press
35 TON 1unit Power press
25 TON 4units Power press
Sealing machine 5.5KW seamer 8units capacity t 0.6-1.4mm max
Supply machine 3units
Robot 1unit
Seal supplier 4units
Drying machine 1unit
Welding machine Projection welding 5units 20-60 KVA
Spot welding 2units 15-20 KVA
Inspection machine submergence inspection 6units
pressure inspection 1unit
Other Auto driving screw machine 6units
Cutting screw machine 2units
Tooling machine Milling machine 1unit
Lathe 2units
Grinder 1unit
Drilling machine 1unit
Tapping machine 1unit
Gas welding machine 1unit
Arc Welding machine 1unit

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