We have systematic distribution channels for our customers.

You will be satisfied with our shipment as we do dismantling and loading for you to easily assemble the products.
Although most of our cars, engines and machines are secondhand items, we disclose the condition of each item especially on negative remarks if any.

(1) Sourcing

We have many suppliers such as used/new car dealers, auto dismantlers, and etc.
We are a member of several auction houses in Japan.

(2) Dismantling

We dismantle carefully for you to easily reassemble.

Body Cutting Disassembly into parts
Parts Cleaning Assortment for container loading

(3) Container Loading

We load the parts into container after dismantling. We load safely and space-efficiently to minimize the shipping cost per item.

(4) Finally

Used trucks and used auto parts we export are widely used in south asian countries.
For example, Jeepnies in Philippines are assembled from used auto parts from Japan.

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